MicroSkim® offers professional grade features and quality for the DIY market... no wonder it’s so popular!
  • Durable Lid - Provides protection of filter components
  • Debris Net - Traps larger leaves and debris
  • Filter Brushes - Provides additional mechanical filtration
  • Skimmer Door - Skims the surface of the pond
  • MicroSkim - Housing design is rounded, creating strength durability
Description Weir Max Flow Pond Size Order No. Case
MICROSKIM 6" 2500 GPH 1000 GAL. 99771 6
  • Ideal for ponds up to 1000 gallons
  • Full liner-attachable waterfall lip creates a reliable watertight seal
  • The round shape ads strength and makes the filter easier to camouflage
  • Lots of space for filter pads and biological filtration media
  • MicroFalls® - Filter comes complete with fish-safe silicone and hardware
Description Inlet Spillway Pond Size Order No. Case
MICROFALLS 2" 15" 1000 GALS. 99774 6