These innovative filters are low profile and are designed to be unobtrusive in the bottom of the pond. Their large filter area means less frequent cleaning. More than one filter can be connected to a pump using a tee fitting. These filters offer mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.
Description  Order No.  Case
PONDMASTER 1000, 12” x 12” FILTER BOX  02211  4
PONDMASTER 2000, 12” x 24” FILTER BOX  02200  2
500 GARDEN POND FILTER  02205  4
 This new in-pond prefilter/biofilter provides maximum pump efficiency as well as highly efficient  filtration.
Improved pump efficiency
  •  Prevents flow reduction due to premature clogging.
  •  Improves energy conversion to water flow.
  •  Extends pump lifetime
 Highly efficient filtration
  • Multiple pore size
  • progressive density dramatically reduces clogging
  • Depth filtration: large filter volume to capture, store and digest particles
  • Large specific area for bio-filtration
Description Recommended Flow  Order No.  Case
E-Z BIOFILTER, 4.3” DIA x 7.9” 2000 GAL MEZB10  18
E-Z BIOFILTER, 7.9” DIA x 7.9” 3400 GAL MEZB20  8
  • Convenient in-pond filter
  • Easily connects to intake of any pump
  • High capacity mechanical 7 biological filtration
  • Modular design for increasing filtration capacity
  • 360 degree rotating outlet
  • 2 year warranty
Model  Max Flow  Dimensions (D X W)  Order No.  Case
ECOMAX  1800  9" X 5.9"  SIC155  4
All In One submersible unit beautifies, cleans and maintains a healthy pond or water garden.
  • Mechanical filter to remove solids
  • Biological filter for bacteria growth
  • UV clarifier
  • Quiet, efficient fountain pump
  • 4 water feature attachments with levelling device
Description  Order No.  Case
ALL IN ONE  13262  2