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Fish Care

A balanced pond environment is a part of proper fish care and is essential to their well-being. For any aquatic life to thrive in a pond, the healthy balance of the eco-system is the most important consideration. Goldfish and Koi are not only ornamental and pretty to look at, they also provide important roles in the life-cycle of your pond by eating organic material and insects that may be out of reach of the pond skimmer.

Feeding your pond fish the right combination of vitamins and nutrients is critical for not only maintaining their beauty but also their health.

With a variety of fish care products, you can ensure that your Koi, goldfish, and other pond fish species live strong, and happy lives in the perfectly balanced eco-system that is your pond.

Aquatic Plant Care

Proper aquatic plant care is fundamental to the success of your pond eco-system. Aquatic plants play an integral role in the health and aesthetic of your pond or water feature. While plants create a natural and beautiful look, they are also necessary in maintaining the clarity of your pond by feeding on excess nutrients and provide shade for fish, frogs and other aquatic animals.

Special plant care is important to keep your plants healthy, and maintain your pond balance year-round. Like the fish they help to thrive, proper nutrients are a must in order for them to flourish and grow.

Whether it is the correct planting medium, liquid or tab fertilizers, proper aquatic plant care is one of the most beneficial ways to ensure your pond and its inhabitants are healthy, happy and beautiful.

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