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Give your pond that extra wow factor with any number of Floating Fountains that are carried by Sheerwater Pond Supply. Floating fountains are easy to install and provide surface aeration while adding a dramatic effect that will be the envy of pond owners everywhere.

From high volume oxygenating fountains to high pressure decorative ones, the variety is endless to create a breathtaking aesthetic, as well as helping keep your pond oxygenated and clear.

In the summer months, warmer water can trap the cooler water on the bottom of your lake or pond. This is known as stratification and can cause pollutants such as organic debris to sink to the bottom and rapidly decompose. With the rapid decomposition of organic matter at the bottom of your lake or pond, the water is stripped of oxygen. Certain bacteria can thrive in this environment and produce gasses such as methane and ammonia that cause unpleasant odors and algae growth.

Proper aeration of your large pond or lake is essential to ensure a clear pond free of unsightly algae, muck and unpleasant odors. Floating fountains are a great way to help combat stratification and they look amazing while doing it.

The addition of LED lights add a nighttime dramatic flair to give that extra something to an already beautiful water feature.

With a variety of different fountains, lighting designs and a little imagination, floating fountains are a beautiful and economical way of keeping your large pond or lake clear in those summer months.

Sheerwater Pond Supply carries several brands of floating fountains that are top of the line, and fit almost any budget. A healthy large pond or lake is a happy one, and crucial to maintaining the eco-system surrounding it.

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