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Large ponds & lakes are created for functional and/or ornamental reasons. These can be retention ponds or decorative bodies of water in corporate parks, golf courses or private properties. Generally large pond care projects can require extra attention and treatment. Lake management requirements can become even more daunting, requiring special equipment and regular water treatment to maintain a healthy eco-system. 

Depending on the overall size, shape & depth of the pond, different tactics are used to create the ideal environment. Often these large bodies of water require the addition of not only pumps to circulate the water but also, subsurface pond aeration & floating fountains in order to render the environment free from stagnation & garner water clarity & quality. Large ponds and lakes need proper aeration throughout spring, summer & fall. When temperatures shift, pond water will “turn over”. Aerating a pond insures a healthy environment.

Pond & Lake Transition Stages


The pond has just been excavated. This stage may only last a year. The pond is virtually nutrient-free (proportionately). The pond has little or no leaf and plant debris, the fish have produced little waste and the environment has leached very little into the water in respects to the overall volume of water.


The pond has become established. After a full season, the pond progresses into the second stage. The accumulation of nutrients (i.e. leaves, plants, fish waste and residual fertilizers) build up in the pond. During this second stage, a substantial amount of algae and aquatic weed growth will occur. Beneath the surface of the water, the water column becomes murky with debris. The bottom of the pond itself will develop a substantial amount of mulm & detritus. As this begins to decompose, even more nutrients will be released into the water to fuel further algae blooms and growth of aquatic weeds.


Thermal Stratification


The increase of nutrients in decomposition creates a rise in toxic gas levels. Ammonia and nitrites build up in the water while the oxygen level decreases especially in the deeper sections of the pond. Because ponds without aeration can become thermally stratified, the toxic gases created on the bottom build up in the cool water underneath. A change in temperature, a heavy rain or sometimes even high winds can turn the water over allowing toxic, oxygen-deprived water (from the bottom) to mix into the layer of water (at the top) leaving fish without oxygen and causing a fish kill.




Pond care & lake management will utilize both floating fountain aeration to churn the water, as well as an air pump/ compressor to force a column of diffused air. The rise of the bubbles thru the water column will circulate the entire pond from the bottom up and eliminate the thermal layers that form in the pond or lake. This constant state of motion from diffused air will continuously vent off gases and bring Oxygen deprived water to the surface to rejuvenate with an increased level of dissolved oxygen. This creates an even spread in dissolved oxygen which then allows beneficial bacteria the opportunity to break down the debris accumulation.

Large Lakes & Ponds Typically Require

  1. Waterproof membrane (EPDM liner, PVC liner, HDPE liner, LDPE liner, clay, bentonite, etc.)
  2. Air pump(s) or compressor(s) to increase dissolved oxygen & break thermoclines
  3. Floating fountain(s) to further aerate the body of water as well as add aesthetics to the feature
  4. Bio filtration / UV clarifiers
  5. Water treatments
    • Beneficial bacteria additives
    • Enzyme additives
    • Aquatic dye- These large bodies of water require specialized care in creation & construction & may also require specialized permits through the local/regional government agencies.

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