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Keeping your water ecosystem healthy begins with proper pond aeration. Larger bodies of water such as large ponds and lakes require even more care and management.

Generally ponds and lakes require sustained aeration to prevent oxygen depletion that can occur during natural stratification during the year. Without proper pond and lake management that includes aeration, your pond or lake can risk oxygen depletion with negative impact on your fish and general eco-system.

Proper pond aeration is extremely important with regard to the accumulation of pond muck. Organic matter can build up on the bottom of your pond or lake due to a low-oxygen environment, which can reduce the rate of natural decomposition therefore causing a buildup of debris known as muck.

Smaller backyard ponds can benefit from general aeration, this is recommended when keeping pond fish such as Koi. Pond fish depend on proper oxygenation and filtration for not only water clarity, but overall health and happiness. Proper aeration is also important in winter months during a secondary stratification of your pond when the lower hypolimnion layer is deprived of oxygen during the season.

Lake Aeration systems are typically more robust, utilizing higher through-put pump systems and additional diffusers to increase aeration volume and oxygenate a larger area. Occasionally a lake can benefit from a multi-line manifold system to further distribute lake aeration outwards or to specific areas of your lake.

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