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Sheerwater Pond Supply is the perfect place to start when you decide to build your pond or water feature. With a huge selection of pond construction supplies, whether you are a seasoned professional landscaper or a first time builder, the proper instruction manuals, construction tools and equipment are a must.

Choosing the type of pond that is perfect for your needs is a first priority. Sheerwater Pond Supply has a great selection of pond construction books and DVDs, from how to build a perfect pond, with basics in step-by step; all the way to advanced construction of living ponds with raising and maintaining an eco-system of fish and water plants.

Depending on what type of pond you decide to build, choosing the right place to start is the first step to success. Whether it is a Koi pond or a water garden, the addition of waterfalls and spillways or a disappearing fountain, the location is a top priority. Choose a location that can be seen and admired year round and can bring nature a little closer to your own back door. Ponds and water features will attract wildlife such as small birds and butterflies thus turning your backyard into its own little sanctuary.

Decide on the depth and the shape you wish then you can proceed with planning the pond construction. This will determine what type of lining materials will be used, what pump will be needed, and the correct filtration system for your requirements.

Sheerwater carries an array of pond underliner, EPDM pond liners and all the construction products that are required for various sizes and depths of ponds to ensure a successful installation.

When the initial installation is complete, your imagination is the only thing that is stopping you from creating the oasis of your dreams. Waterfalls and fountains, aquatic plants, and animals and dramatic lighting, are just a few of the many accents that will make your pond stand out from the rest.

When you start with solid research and a strong foundation, Sheerwater Pond Supply is your one-stop shop to building the perfect pond.

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