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Proper pond filtration is essential for the continued health and maintenance of your pond. The clarity of your water is a general indicator of its health. Water clarity can be maintained in several ways using different techniques.

Bio Filtration: Using a pond filter with a multi-tiered system of filter media with varying thickness, encourages the reproduction of healthy bacteria to maintain water quality, break down organic matter, and naturally clarify the water system.

Skimmer Filter FallsThe installation of a skimmer filtration system is an excellent method to prevent the accumulation of organic matter in your pond. Too much organic material can unbalance the nutrient and oxygen levels in your pond, which will lead to increased levels of ammonia and nitrites.

UV Clarifiers: Choosing a pressure filter with a built-in clarifier, or standalone UV clarifier, ensures clear water because UV light kills Phytoplankton – green water algae.

Water Treatments: Many different types of water treatments and conditioners are available for different purposes, generally used to alter the pond environment to clarify the water. Some reduce certain nutrient levels such as ammonia and nitrites, while others alter the pH or help to acclimate pond fish such as Koi to a new environment.

Water Testing: Testing levels in your pond is essential when keeping pond fish species healthy and happy.

Pond Maintenance: The accumulation of pond muck and organic material can be an issue with any water system. Get the right tools for the job to keep your pond clean and clear of debris.

Sheerwater Pond Supply is dedicated to helping you find the tools and resources you need for proper pond filtration and pond care. 

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