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Preparing your pond for seasonal changes requires care and protection, and is an important part of maintaining the long life of your pond and its inhabitants. Fish and plants need the best care for every season and Sheerwater Pond Supply carries an array of seasonal pond care and protection products to ensure your pond or water feature can withstand the elements and predators.

Raising goldfish and Koi from a small fry to a stunning fish through proper nutrition and water quality only to lose them to a predator is frustrating and heartbreaking. While the assumption is that the majority of predatory animals that assume your pond is an open buffet are either domestic animals like the neighborhood cats or wild ones such as those pesky raccoons, the majority of losses come from predatory birds.

Sheerwater Pond Supply carries a number products that will let the predatory animals and birds around your pond know that the buffet is now closed. Pond nets and floating decoys can keep the predators at bay and keep your fish free to swim about without worrying they will become a blue heron’s next meal or a toy for your next door neighbor’s cat.

Caring for your pond in the winter months takes planning and the right products to winterize it no matter what climate you are in or the conditions that you may face. Factors like water temperature, chemistry and the care and proper feeding of fish should all be taken into consideration for preparing your pond for the winter months that lay ahead. Seasonal plants should be composted & leaves skimmed off the pond surface in order to keep debris from sinking to the bottom and creating muck and sludge that will cause water quality issues and an unhealthy pond.

During freezing conditions a thermostatically controlled pond de-icer is a great way to keep gasses from being trapped under the surface of any ice buildup on your pond.

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