Summer Pond Care Checklist

Summer Pond Care Checklist – General Guidelines

Use this handy checklist to make sure you are getting the most out of your summer pond care.

  1. Keep in mind that increased sunlight, higher organic levels, and rising water temperature create ideal conditions for aggressive algae growth.
  2. Warm water holds less oxygen than cool water so to keep your pond well oxygenated and fish healthy, we recommend using an aeration kit to keep the dissolved oxygen levels safe.
  3. To shade the water and keep it cooler, add aquatic plants such as lilies, parrot’s feather, water lettuce and water hyacinths as a natural algae control. Feed your plants with aquatic fertilizer for best results.
  4. Summer is the time you should be feeding fish with a staple or growth food. Give your fish just enough food that they can finish in a few minutes. Remove uneaten food.
  5. Discourage mosquitoes from breeding by providing good water movement and preventing stagnant water or ideally use a Mosquito Dunk which eliminates mosquito larvae before they can bite.
  6. Clean skimmers and filter media as required to maintain good water flow and backwash your pressure filters; use beneficial bacteria after cleaning to keep levels optimum.
  7. When temperatures rise suddenly and your pond loses its sheen, add a live bacteria to help the pond accommodate this change.
  8. Continue to measure your water parameters with a good test kit.

Summer Pond Care General Guidelines

Summer Pond Care Suggested Products

We are passionate about pond care and offer these suggested products to help you get going to maintain your pond during the hot summer months!  Ponds need proper maintenance to avoid stratification and buildup of chemicals that can be toxic to your precious fish and plants.

Summer is also the best time to make sure you are keeping your pond well aerated.

This group of products should help get you started, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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