These 10 tips will ensure a successful winterization of your pond

Fall / Winter Pond Care Checklist – General Guidelines

Use this handy checklist to make sure you are getting the most out of your fall and winter pond care.

  1. As Summer transitions into Fall there are a few things to do to prepare your pond for winter. Following these steps will keep your pond healthy and make Spring start up much easier.
  2. When the water temperature dips below 60° F begin feeding your fish a diet of wheat germ food.
  3. When the leaves begin to fall, cover your pond with a Pond Cover Net to prevent the leaves from falling into the pond. When all the leaves have fallen, fold the net up and put it away for next season.
  4. Trim hardy Lilies down and move them to a deeper part of the pond. Trim marginal plants as well. Tidy up debris from around and in the pond.
  5. Start using Cold Weather Bacteria designed to work in temperatures below 55° F.
  6. Stop feeding your fish when the water temperature is below 45° F.
  7. Unless you live in a very mild environment, it is recommended you remove and drain your pump, filter and UV clarifier, clean them and store them according to the manufacturers guidelines. For best results use Pumpguard to clean your pump of mineral scale, lime and rust prior to storing.
  8. Install a Pond Aeration Kit to keep ice from covering the pond.
  9. In colder weather, you may need to use a Pond De-icer to maintain a hole in the ice. This is important to prevent harmful gasses from building up under the ice.
  10. Now keep warm and make plans for renovations or improvements such as adding Lighting or a new fountain in the Spring.

Spring Pond Care General Guidelines

These 10 tips will ensure a successful winterization of your pond

We are passionate about pond care and offer these suggested products to help you care for your pond over the winter months!  Ponds need proper maintenance to avoid stratification and buildup of chemicals that can be toxic to your precious fish and plants.

Winter is the best time to do proper cleanup of all your pump and filtration system and equipment to prepare for the cold season.

This group of products should help get you started, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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