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Aqua UV – 15 Watt UV Light – 2″ ports – Black



All UV’s aren’t created equal! The bottom line for UV users is Performance. Aqua Ultraviolet, with 27  years of UV manufacturing excellence, is unsurpassed at delivering high UV output, intensity and high  flow rates while delivering superior quality, design, construction, features, lamp life, warranty and  customer service.

Our lamps are manufactured and rated for high UV output and high flow rates to “end of lamp life” of 14 months. While UV’s are rated by input watts, using this as a factor to compare different manufacturer’s models does not result in an “apples to apples” comparison. Compare our “end of lamp life” UV output to any of our competitor’s “beginning of lamp life” UV’s and you’ll see that our units outperform—you’ll also find that in many cases a lower input watt rated Aqua Ultraviolet UV will meet or exceed a competitor’s higher input watt rated UV Unit.

  • Max Pond: 2000
  • Max Flow: 1800

Case Pack: 4
(Sold Individually)



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