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ClearLake™ Alpine Blue Pond Dye – 32 oz



ClearLake™ Alpine Blue Pond Dye

Features & Benefits:

  • Dyes Water A Brilliant Blue
  • Add Natural Beauty To Ponds & Lakes
  • Offsets Negative Effects Of Sunlight
  • Powerful, Long Lasting
  • All-Natural
  • Harmless To People & Animals
  • Will Not Stain Once Applied

Maintenance Application: 1 Quart Treats 4-8 Acres 4 – 6 Feet Deep

ClearLake™ Alpine Blue™ Aquatic Dye’s power formula adds natural beauty to ponds, lakes, fountains, lagoons, etc., coloring them a beautiful, natural blue. Alpine Blue™ darkens water to offset the negative effects sunlight has on natural water bodies while providing shade cover to shield fish from predators. Alpine Blue™ keeps water cool which helps keep fish from being stressed and maintains a more stable thermocline (layers of the pond).

For best results apply ClearLake™ Alpine Blue™ Dye evenly around the edge of the pond or lake. Alpine Blue™ will disperse throughout the pond quickly eventually covering the entire surface of the pond in minutes.

*If you are unsure of how much product to use please use the treatment calculator.

32oz. Container

Additional information

Weight1.81 kg


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