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Hikari – Saki-Hikari Growth Formula Koi Food – Medium – 4.4lbs



The brand preferred by professional koi breeders, the Saki-Hikari Growth Formula diet is designed especially for rearing jumbo koi. The Saki-Hikari Growth Formula contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes essential for proper digestion. It is also packed with probiotic nutrients to facilitate maximum growth while maintaining the health of your fish and preserving high water quality. Feed Saki-Hikari Growth Formula and give your koi the winning physique you always wanted!



  • Excellent nutrition leads to enhanced growth rates
  • Prevents buildup of fatty deposits over time
  • Protein-rich nutritional package
  • Helps jumbo koi reach their full potential
  • Includes a natural source of essential probiotics
  • Use in water temperatures about 68°F
  • Floating pellets allow easy monitoring of food intake without compromising water clarity

Note: Advantages of Saki-Hikari only valid with continuous, uninterrupted feeding.


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Weight2 kg


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