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Matala – 12 Way – Stainless Steel Manifold


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These smaller air manifolds are generally recommended for aquarium use, but can also be used for smaller ponds, to split air pressure to air stones in multiple locations within your pond.

Note: Make sure to utilize all air outlets on the manifold, or they can be vented off separately to prevent potential back pressure on your pump.

  • This product is recommended for Hakko pump models HK 40L to HK 60L only.
  • Use 2 12-way manifolds for the HK80L.
  • Use 3 or 4 12-way manifolds with an HK100L or HK 120L.
  • 3/16″ Valved Taps
  • Available with 12 Taps
  • Use 3/16″ air hose for distances less than 3 feet and 1/4″ air hose up to 5 feet

(Sold Individually)

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