PondMAX – Bacta-Pac 8000 – Combo Pack


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Use this helpful combo pack of natural clarifiers to jumpstart the treatment of your pond today!

The PondMAX BactiMAX+ 12 month clarifier can naturally break down and remove organic compounds such as fish food, waste, dead leaves as well as nitrates and ammonia. Use BactiMax+ all year for crisp, clear water in your pond and water features.

Size: 16oz

The PondMAX SludgeMAX tablets are an excellent resource for removing sediment, sludge and improving overall water quality and oxygenation of your pond. Use once a month, or twice a month for heavy build-up of sludge and sediment. Plant and animal safe, SludgeMAX is an all-natural treatment for pond clarity.

Size: 48 Tablets
Use: 3 Tablets per 500 GALS.

Combo Pack treats up to 8,000 GALS.

Case Count: 12
(Sold Individually)

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Weight 3 kg


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